We need to go to work
How can we control infection while going back to work and life?

Epid Safe

“Getting Us Back to Work, School and Play”

Our mobile APP gathers self-reported symptoms data and uses an AI powered algorithm that coverts that into a risk score which will be associated with the individual.
Based on this risk score organizations can make an informed decision about admissibility of that person into the work or school location and then intervene & protect the work place from a potential outbreak.

How it works

1. Download the application

Install the application from Play Store/App Store.

2. Login/Sign-up

Login or sign-up into the application by clicking on the login button on the homescreen.

If you are a new user sign-up with basic information like, name, photograph, email and phone number.

3. Profile

A user’s profile page consists of photograph (optional), unique QR code and risk score.

4. Active Interactions

A user can see all their active interactions. Permission to delete interaction history is available to each user from their privacy settings page, giving each user privacy and control as deemed appropriate per each organization’s policy.

5. New Interaction

A user can initiate a new interaction with another user or place by using the QR code scan feature.

6. Add New User/Place

A mobile app user can add another user or location into the system. This information will be used to generate the user’s risk score. Should an outbreak occur, pre-emptive steps can be taken to reduce the risk of a larger outbreak.

Inspired by the selfless acts of frontline healthcare workers we at Epid HealthTech, Inc., have teamed up with domain experts, clinicians and epidemiologists from the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to rapidly develop technology solutions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Our innovative approach affords companies, both big and small, the opportunity to get employees back to work, schools to resume in-person learning and our economy to get back on track.

Epid Pass

“EpidPass” is a personal vaccination passport; which displays the vaccination status of the user, based on the vaccination certificate issued by the CDC. A user can upload their vaccination certificate using the mobile app.

How it works

1. Login/Sign-up

Login or sign-up into the application by clicking on the login button on the homescreen.

If you are a new user sign-up with basic information like, name, photograph, email and phone number.

2. Profile

Displays the vaccination status of the user.

3. Scan QR

Check into work, school or any physical location.

4. Symptoms Reporting

Easy to use for self-reporting daily symptoms.

Epid Safe – Portal

Epid safe portal acts as a bridge between employer and employees.

How it works?


The EPID Safe portal is easy to manage. All the features required to add and manage a new user are located on one page and give a quick snapshot of a user’s risk score and interactions. This “one-page” timeline can be updated in real time and changes are relayed back to the mobile application immediately, making it a fast and efficient tool to instantly track and manage the health and safety of all users.

User Management

The portal can be accessed once the user downloads the app and administration authenticates each user. The mobile app user will always have control of their information and all the personal data can be deleted. Once the connection between administration and the user has been established, the user can initiate interactions by scanning the QR code from the mobile app at specific locations established by administration or continuous Bluetooth scanning. This allows user interactions to be captured for safety measures if required.


The EPID Safe settings portal is to set-up a corporation, define roles and set-up users. The settings tab can help define likely interactions in the work place or school like conference rooms, cafeteria, classrooms, gymnasiums, etc… where interactions among employees/students are likely to occur. The settings portal facilitates defining designated interaction places, define privacy policies specific to place and generate QR codes for checking in and out of those places if administration chooses.



User Downloads the application and Signs up with basic information like, Name, Head shot, email and phone number



User scans the QR code at providers and gives access, users decide the period for which the access is given.



Provider verifies the identity, enters the Unique test kit ID



Tests are conducted

▸ COVID-19 vRNA or COVID-19 Antibody

▸ Symptoms (if any)

▸ Location & Contact history

▸ Upload Test Results

▸ and test results are available within 24hours.




▸ Each data point is weighted based on available evidence of it’s predictive value.

▸ Formula derived from current epidemiologic statistics.

▸ The Risk Score is affected by frequency and age of data.




▸Organizations determine their Risk Score for admission.

▸Users give temporary access to Risk Score via a QRcode on their own phones.

▸Gatekeepers view user’s Risk Score on their own device.

  • Mobile app can be white labelled and deployed as a private app and accessible to specific organizations.


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