EpidSafe is a ‘Social Passport’ mobile app that calculates a ‘Live Risk Score’ helping employers bring back their employees to a safe working environment and keeping operations running. It uses smart algorithms to process data from users and healthcare providers to calculate the risk of infection and transmission on a secure private platform. The Risk Score is periodically recalculated to provide most accurate metrics, prompting users to report symptoms on a daily basis to share with employers and public health. It helps link individuals to care, and also supports integration with laboratories for confirmatory testing that can then be shared with your epidemiologists and health officers.

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Core Features

Case Management

Outbreak Co-Ordination

Visual and Predictive Analytics

System Integration

Unique Features of this Application

  • COMPLAINTS: Complies with CDC contact-tracing guidelines
  • INTEROPRABLE: Easily integrates with self-reporting, laboratory and legacy systems and applications
  • SYSTEM-WIDE: Integrates healthcare, field epidemiology, and surveillance data for a complete view
  • NETWORK ANALYTICS: Social network analysis and visualization
  • EASY TO USE: Process automation
  • SMART: Route planning and optimization, Use of advanced ETL in cleaning data from system integration
  • FORECASTS: Predictive epidemiology and forecasting

Other Cool Features

Temporary location tracking during quarantine (opt-in)

Multilingual chatbots for contact tracing

Supports your organization’s branding to increase trust

Other Features & Benefits

    • Ready-to-deploy cloud-based solution (Biz & IT)
    • Low-cost – No setup Fee and monthly subscription (Fin)
    • Quick & Easy to onboard users (Ops perspective)
    • Quick & Easy to onboard users (Ops perspective)
    • One-click to onboard users (Ops perspective)
    • Highly intuitive UI (no training needed – Ops)

Sign Up Today For 14-Days Free Trial
Sign Up Today For 14-Days Free Trial